Friday, April 25, 2008

Rice Resilient

Maybe it's not time to quit on Rice yet!

Sorry - wrong rice :)

Close call for me - I had my stop down at 23.50. I was sure I was going to be stopped out, and am glad I hung on and waited to "take it like a man", rather than just selling around 23.70 (which I thought about).

After watching this market non-stop for the last two months or so, I definitely find today's rally (pleasantly) surprising. Lately rice has been stronger trading in the Asia sessions than the US - so I figured a down night in Asia last night would be the end of the line.

Stay tuned - we'll check back in on this one Sunday evening!


huh? said...

I am new to the futures market and while I am not yet trading I am watching, and find your blog good reading, one question: when you say in asia trading, what exchange are you watching and where are you able to obtain your data.

SugarHigh said...

I forgot where the exchange is, but I use to watch prices and movements. The Asian trading session starts at 4pm PST.

huh? said...

you sir, are a gentleman. thanks.

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