Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weekly Positions Update - 4/27/08

Open Positions
Date Position Qty Month/Yr Contract Strike Call/Put Entry Price Last Price Profit/Loss
04/15/08 Long 2 JUL 08 Corn

605 589 ($1,600.00)
04/17/08 Long 1 JUL 08 Cocoa

2735 2777 $420.00
04/15/08 Long 3 JUL 08 Rough Rice

21.745 24.180 $14,610.00
04/15/08 Long 1 JUL 08 Sugar #11

13.26 12.23 ($1,153.60)
Net Profit/Loss On Open Positions: $12,276.40

Account Balances
Current Cash Balance $97,326.79
Open Trade Equity $12,276.40
Total Equity $109,603.19
Long Option Value $0.00
Short Option Value $0.00
Net Liquidating Value $109,603.19

Cashed out: $10,000.00
Total value: $119,603.19

Weekly return: -3.6%
YTD return: 53.8%

***BTW, I usually "cash out" money just to pay taxes. So total value is all pre-tax. Going forward, I'll be cashing out to pay the rent also - no slack in the system for hookers and booze, that will have to wait for later in the commodity bull :)


pharmer said...

I'm staying long, but very cautiously moving forward here. Are you concerned about the value of the dollar increasing in the short run here? I'm afraid that even though it will be a slow climb that people will likely overreact and there may be a large selloff heading our way. Or maybe not. Are fundamentals so strong that we can avoid a major down turn? These are the thoughts that trouble me now...

SugarHigh said...

It's a risk for sure - we definitely could have a dollar rally. In fact, I wouldn't mind seeing one, so that we can grab the other side of the trade.

I'm with you, think cautious is probably wise at this juncture.

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