Tuesday, May 27, 2014

How To Time Your Contrarian Trades – Free Webinar

Our goal is to teach you how to use a few simple technical indicators to time your trade entries.

"Technical analysis?" you're probably thinking...

Well... it's not really THAT type of "TA."

We're not going to be yacking about candlesticks, head-and-shoulders patterns, or Elliott waves.

Instead, we'll be demonstrating a few simple "common sense" signals that help us determine if a contrarian pick is likely to move our way.

And This is Especially Important For Us

I understand that this type of analysis isn't relevant to all investors. If you're still a tried and true value investor, you may be content to "buy cheap" and "sell dear."

Then again, you've probably moved beyond value investing if you found your way to Contrarian Profits!

That's great because value investing as a stand-alone strategy is dead. Even Warren Buffett is more contrarian than value investor these days!

This means that we contrary-minded folks are sifting through Wall Street's "discarded and ignored" pile searching for real value. We're seeking the type of value you won't find in a "discounted cash flow" spreadsheet anymore.

No, everyone else in the financial world has the same damn spreadsheet. We need to find another edge.

And that edge is investing in the other side of "crowded trades."

But Sometimes, the Crowd is Right

It is neither fair nor accurate to say that the investing herd is always wrong. In fact, the consensus opinion is more often right than wrong.

But when it's wrong, it is always at the most inopportune time.

This means there's a lot of money to be made if we can accurately time the turning points for stocks and sectors that are "out of favor."

To do so, we use "sentiment analysis" – to figure out exactly HOW much something is disliked or ignored.

But we also need to use some degree of "technical analysis" so that we can let the market tell us if we're on the right track.

And the Best Technical Analysis is Simple Technical Analysis

Like many things in life, complexity is the investor's worst enemy when looking at the charts.

And, really, we're only trying to do two things...
  1. Figure out if something is going UP rather than DOWN
  2. Determine if the "big money" is likely to be buying soon
If an "out of favor" stock goes up, when it has all the reasons in the world to be going down, that's a really positive sign.

It's also a positive sign if the "big money" is also aware of our theme.

We want to get in before they do, of course... so that we can buy low and sell high.

But we want to make sure they're coming to the party – so that we have people to sell higher to later on!

Learn How at our Live Training Webinar This Thursday

My colleague Vince Vora, Senior Trader at TradingWins.com, will walk you through his methodology for doing exactly this on Thursday. Please click here to reserve your seat now.

I've been following Vince's work and trades for more than a year now. He's very good, and he uses techniques similar to those which I have personally had success with, too.

This complimentary training webinar is a benefit of your free Inside Investing Dailysubscription – and I have no doubt it will make you a better trader.

We're even planning to review live current stocks based on your questions – so be prepared to ask us about your favorite trade idea!

But since we're taking individual Q&A, our space is limited. Please click here to reserve your seat now.

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