Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Is Sugar Breaking Out?


Is that you, Baby Girl?

It's your old, pal, SugarHigh - remember me? Yeah. It's been awhile.

We had some good times back in '05-'06. You said you needed some time to get your life back together.

I know we got a little ahead of themselves back in '05...all the way up to $0.20 and all. But you gotta admit, we had a good run together.

Hey, I'm glad you're getting your life back together. Supply/demand is looking've still got it, baby.

No, no - cotton didn't mean anything to me. And no - coffee's too volatile - she's nuts, too much baggage.

I make mistakes too. Now I'm looking for someone to settle down with - a nice, slow upward climb, just like old times.

Shhhhhhhh. Don't give me your answer now. If you love me - if it's meant to be - just hold the 13-cent mark for me. And I'm all yours.

Short term and medium term sugar price charts

1 comment:

Moyo said...

LOL...! Dude you sound like you're getting high on sugar.....

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