Saturday, January 26, 2008

Weekly Positions Update - 01/27/08

My bad (thumping my chest with my palm). Tough week.

Good thing I made those "crash proof" trades Monday night - I think I managed to sell at the absolute bottom. Ah well, that's usually the way it works.

I thought about adding a YTD calculation to improve my mood - but I'll hold the gimmicks for now.

Date Position Qty Month/Yr Contract Strike Call/Put Entry Price Last Price Profit/Loss
12/20/07 Long 1 MAR 08 Cotton

66.45 67.89 $720.00
01/09/08 Long 1 MAR 08 Cotton

69.61 67.89 ($860.00)
01/22/08 Long 1 MAR 08 Japanese Yen

0.9460 0.9380 ($1,000.00)
12/20/07 Long 1 MAR 08 Sugar #11

11.10 11.90 $896.00
06/04/07 Long 1 JUL 08 Sugar #11

10.05 12.33 $2,553.60
08/01/07 Long 1 JUL 08 Sugar #11

10.48 12.33 $2,072.00
12/20/07 Long 1 JUL 08 Sugar #11

11.37 12.33 $1,075.20
01/02/08 Long 1 MAR 08 Swiss Franc

0.899500 0.9124 $1,612.50
Net Profit/Loss On Open Positions: $7,069.30

Current Cash Balance $72,417.54
Open Trade Equity $7,069.30
Total Equity $79,486.84
Long Option Value $0.00
Short Option Value $0.00
Net Liquidating Value $79,486.84

Cashed out: $5,000.00
Total value: $84,486.84

Weekly return: -17.0%


pharmer said...

Hey, I'm new to reading your blog, but am loving reading through the archives and following along with you're trading history! According to your history, I am about where you were just shortly after you started. I have been fairly successful so far, and am looking to ramp up my activity. I was wondering if you use a particular charting software of if you are more of a "fundie" trader. I'm finding a blend to work, but thus far my chart analysis software package has fallen short. Any suggestions? Keep up the blog, very entertaining!

SugarHigh said...

Hey buddy, thanks for your comment and for reading. I'm really glad you're getting a kick out of it - I figure win or lose, I at least hope it's entertaining!

I personally am primarily a "fundie" trader. In fact I used to never look at a chart until I recently saw the light. But I don't do anything too fancy - I don't use any software myself, usually just check out the site for entry and exit signals.

If Toby reads this, he may have a suggestion for you. He's a very good trader and is more versed in technical signals than I am.

Keep plugging away, I'm glad to hear you're ramping up.

Toby said...

Haha, my ears were burning. A little belatedly though. Pharmer, I use Ensign for all my charting. It is about 40 bucks a month which is cheaper than eSignal and CQG. For intra-day charting you will need a data feed like Transact or Interactive Brokers (depending on who your broker is) but if you trade on the longer term then all you need is Ensign since it comes free with daily data for all the commodities.

I used to just use barchart, like Brett does, but Ensign is sooo much better.....especially when you want to print up charts. And the drawing tools are good. And its a lot easier to see the exact highs and lows than with barchart. But barchart is definitely workable and FREE! Its not going to get in the way of you making money unless you've already figured out how to NOT make all the newbie mistakes and charting is the weakest link.

Good luck,


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