Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Yearly Returns to Date

Calculated my '07 return tonight, so thought I'd do the same for previous years just for the heck of it. The numbers are quite gaudy and I try not to get greedy and expect these every year, because it's impossible. We're in a historic bull market, so might as well enjoy is while it lasts. Most important thing is to not have a down year and keep making money.
  • 2005*: 802%
  • 2006 : 60%
  • 2007 : 175%
*Account opened with $2,000 on 4/28/05. This number is especially gaudy because I loaded up on a couple of sugar contracts (more leverage than I should have used) and rode sugar from 9 cents up to 14 cents. Nice trade but lucky timing, which I am grateful for.

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