Saturday, January 19, 2008

No $100 Oil for President Trump

Great interview by The Donald on Fox News with a hilarious finish.
(search for Trump Talks).

"If I were president, you'd have $30 oil right now. I would call up Saudi Arabia and say 'That f***ing pricing is coming down...and it's coming down now. And you know what? They'd lower their price so quickly."


Spreadtrader said...

London Liffe Sugar was also up big last week - decided to close out position though as it seemed to be "event" driven.

Great blog by the way - in the UK we effectively have access to the Futures markets through something called Spreadtrading - you can set stops easily, start with a few hundred dollars (as the minimum trade sizes are small and it is all tax-free to boot!

SugarHigh said...

Wow that sounds pretty cool. So are all gains you make on your account tax free into the future...even if you start making some serious cash?

spreadtrader said...

Hey there, yes it is true - all tax-free - not at serious level yet for me but you never know! If we catch that coffee spike!

Check out coffee forum, good place to pick up news.

Plus its easy - for instance yesterday I set a sell order on the DAX30 (german market) - came home today closed out for a 519 point gain! OK we crashed today but I set a tight stop on it so low risk trade/high return.

Good luck

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