Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Sugar Has Never Been This Cheap Relative to Crude Oil

From Bloomberg News: Farm commodities are the new stars

According to the article:
  • Sugar has never been this cheap relative to crude oil.
  • Jim Rogers, my hero, does not see the credit crunch affecting the soft commodities. "There are three billion people in Asia who were not involved the last time we had a commodities rally and aren't going to lose their appetite because of problems in the U.S."
  • Marc Faber, analyst and investor, said prices of agricultural commodities were "still extremely low" in real terms and "look relatively attractive" because of potential weather disruptions.
I am thinking it's time to pick up some more sugar contracts. I sold near the last relative peak, but them mistimed by re-entry and continued to buy on the way down. But hey - while prices could go lower, they are cheap right now. I didn't think we would see sugar prices under 10 cents this soon.

And if you're the hedging type - pick up a few sugar contracts and short crude oil. They can both be used for fuel, after all.

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