Thursday, May 07, 2009

Marc Faber: We've Begun a 15-20 Year Bear Market in Bonds

Here's Dr. Doom himself, Marc Faber, giving one of his usual insightful and thought provoking interviews for Bloomberg.

What really caught my ear was around the 4:30 mark, he proclaimed the bull market in long dated bonds to have ended as of December 18, 2008.  (He also pinpoints the start of the bull market at September 21, 1981).  Faber believes we're now in the beginning of a long term bear market for these bonds, which he expects to last 15-20 years.

This really is a fantastic interview - be sure to check out Faber's answer to how Geithner and company can locate the bad apples in the financial system...I'll save the punch line for you.  It's around the 7:20 mark.

Other quick notes:
  • Gold "could" dip back down to $750-800 (before heading higher)
  • He likes the Canadian, Australian, and Singapore dollars better than the US dollar
Here's the full interview:

More recent coverage of Faber:
Ed. note: If you love Faber, you'll also get a real kick out of Doug Casey.  Check out his piece about how we're in the early innings of the Greater Depression.


Denis Hope said...

It says
"Here's the full interview:"

but nothing follows. Is this a problem with my browser?

Brett Owens said...

Could be browser - or maybe Flash plugin - here's the link on Youtube:

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