Sunday, May 17, 2009

Harvard Student Busts on Barney Frank

Here's a hilarious clip of a bright Harvard student with the gall to take Barney Frank to task.

How dare he question the misuse of hundreds of billions of dollars that the US will never be able to pay off.

Warning: Step away from any sharp objects before you click may want to punch Barney Frank right in the glasses.


tomwin said...

well, I think Barney can be a frustrating jumble to listen to, but I think he held his position here quite well. Not a "bust" if you ask me. (oh... ah.... of course you didn't ask me)
I guess I could have missed it...

Brett Owens said...

Maybe I'm a bit biased - honestly I just don't like the guy, so I appreciated the kid asking the tough question.

What really bothered me about Barney's response is how he asked the kid what he would have done...all these jokers just want to "do" something...please guys, stop doing stuff!

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