Sunday, March 29, 2009

Marc Faber: This Rally May Have Some More Legs

Here's a short interview Marc Faber gave for Bloomberg recently (week of March 23rd), where he gave his current thoughts on US equities and Treasuries:

Faber's thoughts:
  • Markets became extremely oversold on March 6, when the S&P touched 666 
  • This rally may have some more legs, because the government is printing money - so asset prices may rise because of that fact alone
  • The S&P could go as high as 880 in the short term
  • The rally in US Treasuries has been very disappointing (to Bernanke and other Fed officials)
  • Many people around the world are concerned about the long term effects of Bernanke's plan to monetize US debt
  • Bernanke's actions will all "end in disaster"

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