Sunday, March 01, 2009

John Mauldin: Now is Not the Time to Buy and Hold

John Mauldin is one of my favorite economic analysts.  He writes a free weekly newsletter, which I would highly recommend you check out.

He was recently interview by Yahoo Tech Ticker for a 3-part interview series (links below).

Mauldin has a very pragmatic perspective.  He is neither a perma-bull nor a perma-bear - he does a very good job at putting the current situation in historical perspective, and draws conclusions about where we should be putting our investment dollars over the next 5-10 years.

Don't 'Buy and Hope:' How to Survive Until the Next Bull Market

Europe's Crisis: Much Bigger Than Subprime, Worse Than U.S.

$1.75T Deficit, Higher Taxes, "Bogus" Stimulus: But John Mauldin Sees a Silver Lining


S Benard said...

I'm also a fan of John Mauldin. Good stuff!

Brett Owens said...

Cool man, I'm with you. Just subscribed to his "Conversations" product - really enjoying it, I pop it in the old iPod while I walk the dog.

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