Monday, January 05, 2009

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andaluchi said...

Love your blog. Thanks for sharing all the great info.

I've been thinking about opening a futures account myself and haven't done so yet ... but I'm getting closer. With the big drop in commodities recently, I'm thinking that now may be a good time.

Do you mind telling me how you define an uptrend and downtrend?

Also, what do you think about the strategy described at ?

Do you have an opinion about Kevin Kerr's new alert service?

Brett Owens said...

Hi, thanks for your note and for reading.

Re: uptrend/downtrend, here are a couple resources that may be of value:

Re: strategy - not sure if I'd bet my stake on that one :)

And I'm not subscribed to Kevin Kerr's new alert service, so personally I can't speak either way. I do think highly of his commodity insights in general.

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