Monday, December 29, 2008

Jim Rogers on Kudlow: We're Going to Have an Inflationary Nightmare

Here's a video of Jim Rogers on CNBC's Larry Kudlow & Co. from December 13, 2008.

They start talking commodities around the 2:20 mark.

Rogers' insights:
  • The Fed has gone too far in their money printings
  • Commodities are not down because of fundamentals - they are down because of the forced liquidation of every single asset, except the Japanese Yen
  • He bought more oil a couple weeks back, and all commodities the week of the interview
  • We're going to have an inflationary nightmare in the next five years

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Peehu Sharma said...

Both Crude Oil and Brent Oil November series are have spurted almost a percent each at $ 45.80 and $ 47.27 a barrel, respectively.
Natural Gas October future is quoted at $ 3.085 - up 0.5 percent.

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