Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Jim Rogers' Outlook for 2009

Some great coverage of Jim Rogers' investing outlook for 2009 by

A brief excerpt of the summary provided by

The facts are, during this period in time the only thing to have its fundamentals unimpaired is commodities.
  • Farmers can’t even get loans for fertilizer now.
  • The supply of things is going to be in even worse shape coming out of this.
  • The IEA recently came out with a study showing that the worlds reserves of oil are declining at the rate of 7% per year.
  • you can do the arithmetic, the supply of everything is going down; oil and everything else;
  • we’re going to have serious supply problems before too much longer.


Robert said...

Agricultural commodities present an interesting picture, but oil inventories and continually waning demand make me nervous to go long that commodity. I've been burnt a few times this year doing so; yet there's something alluring about oil in the low 40s.

Peehu Sharma said...

Infosys touches 8-month low as RBS scraps Williams & Glyn project

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