Saturday, January 17, 2009

Market Folly: Peter Schiff Talks Treasury Bubble

From our friends over at Market Folly - coverage of Peter Schiff's latest comments regarding the bubble in US Treasuries - brief excerpt here, click the link above for the full coverage.

"However, since the only way the Fed can buy bonds is by printing money, the more bonds they buy the more inflation they will create. As inflation diminishes the investment value of low-yielding Treasuries, such a scenario will kick off a downward spiral. But the more active the Fed becomes in their quest to prop up bond prices, the bigger the incentive to hit the Fed?s bid. The result will be that all Treasuries sold will be purchased by the Fed. But with the resulting frenzy in the Treasury market, and with inflation kicking into high gear, we can expect that demand for other debt classes that the Fed is not backstopping, such as corporate, municipal and agency debt, to fall through the floor, pushing up interest rates across the board."

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