Monday, March 24, 2008

Picking Some Cotton

Well I picked up some cotton this morning - got filled on the May contract at 71.87. I have to admit that I'm following Dennis Gartman's pick on this one - I am on the free trial subscription to his newsletter. Normally I wouldn't have bought so soon, so we'll see how this works out - so far, so good today.

By the way, I'm really enjoying the Gartman Letter, but it's unlikely I'll pay when my subscription runs up - it's $400/mo. Great info, but high price tag. But if anyone is interested in maybe sharing a subscription, let me know - could make the price more palatable. It's a PDF that shows up around 3am PST in the Inbox.


Anil Karanam said...

Hey Brett,

Your disqus installing seems to have disabled the "post comment" link altogether. This is the last post with the link still available so, responding to this.


SugarHigh said...

Thanks Anil - I just changed a setting back, let's see if this helps for new posts.

So much for making progress!


pharmer said...

Yeah, posting here for the same reason (but you already knew that!)

Anyways, I'm intrigued by the carry trade unwind which has been happening slowly for several months now. Here's my problem, if a true flee out of the yen were to happen, lots of money could be made there, but my problem is that I quite simply put do not have the courage to be short the yen right here. Are you thinking about going short on the yen? I don't know, gutsy move, I hope anyone that does makes serious scratch, I guess I'm just gunshy after this past weeks correction. Keep me posted of any future thoughts on these futures (horrible joke, I know, I'm ashamed)

SugarHigh said...

Actually other way around - am going long Yen here, because there could be a flee of short covering, not a flee from the Yen. True panic short covering would send the Yen skyrocketing.

Have no idea if/when this could happen, so I'm keeping my position as long as the trend is up!

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