Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Our Brand New Blog - ContraryInvesting.com!

Finally free at last from Blogger! Moved the old site onto the WordPress platform - much nicer to deal with for me, and I hope much nicer to read as well.

As you probably know, I originally started Commodity Bull Market in 2005 to track the commodity markets - over the past couple of years, my focus has drifted away from commodities a bit, mostly because I don't see a lot of opportunity there right now.

So, here's my current plan for the new site, and the current one:
  1. ContraryInvesting.com will be the place to catch all the latest financial news, with our usual sarcasm sprinkled in.
  2. It will also have a free daily newsletter component - one concise email with highlights from the day, and links to the articles - if you'd like to receive that, you can sign up here.
  3. Commodity Bull Market will stay for now, and will return to it's original purpose - to track commodity news.
Net-net we'll see commodity coverage at Commodity Bull Market, and most other trading/investing stuff over at Contrary Investing. I am excited about this evolution, and hope that both sites will benefit quite a bit.

I always love to hear your thoughts and feedback about what you like best about our current coverage, and especially what I can do to improve - so please reply back with feedback!

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