Thursday, October 15, 2009

UK Department Store to Sell Gold Bars "Over the Counter" - Oh My

This gold bull market is starting to get a little overheated...

The Telegraph reports that famed UK luxury department store Harrods, starting today, will be able to purchase the "ultimate luxury accessory" - gold bars.

Chris Hall, head of Harrods Gold Bullion, said: "The financial environment has kindled a new demand for physical gold among private investors in Britain. For many people this is a new and unfamiliar asset class that demands absolute trust. Until now London has had no well-recognised name serving this market."

So they've actually appointed a head of gold bullion? What's next - gold ATM machines?

Hat tip to our friend and frequent guest author David Galland for posting this link in his excellent daily Casey Research newsletter.

1 comment:

TedM said...

hate to break it to you but there are already plans for gold ATMs in other parts of Europe

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