Monday, July 20, 2009

Great Marc Faber Video Interview (Says No Way Around US Inflation)

Here's a fantastic Marc Faber interview by Newsmax (hat tip to The Daily Crux for linking to this piece).

Some quick notes on Faber's insights:
  • Doesn't see any way out of inflation in the US...even if deflation hits, the Fed will monetize more and more debt
  • Though thinks we could have temporary bouts of deflation
  • Can't see how the US will solve its debt problem
  • Thinks the Chinese should dump US Treasuries while they still can
  • The economy will be down in the dumps for a long time

Marc Faber is one of the sharpest investors in the world, and is author of the excellent book: Tomorrow's Gold: Asia's age of discovery.

For more of Faber's recent insights, check out: Marc Faber: You Don't Want To Be In Cash.


jacobyte said...
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Alex Garcia said...

He also appeared on CNBC

Brett Owens said...

Thanks Alex!

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