Thursday, July 03, 2008

Money Morning: 3 Ways to Profit From Record Meat/Dairy Prices

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pdyount said...

This theme is very popular today - here is another:

Kevin said...

Brett I enjoy the commodity related posts - trying to ride this commodity bull market as well.
Currently long Feb09 LC.
Would enjoy your insight on exits -Chandelier,ATR,other ?
Money management - risk controls for accounts less than 100k. I know that's the info I want.(discussion that goes beyond what is in the popular commodity trading books)

SugarHigh said...

Thanks Kevin - let me come back to you with a post on this topic over the weekend, and we can start a conversation from there.

Quick answer is I usually exit on 15-day lows - nothing fancy. Risk mgmt is a bit more complex - will share some thoughts I have on the subject.

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