Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pickens Plan - T Boone Pickens' Plan for Energy

Makes a lot of sense, and who better to engineer a plan than Boone.

At it's heart - we have to expand wind power, where great potential lies in the Midwest. Using wind power for electricity can allow us to shift the use of natural gas from energy to transport fuels.


Heem said...

Are you still holding on to your live cattle contracts? I am making money on my feeders and losing on the cattle. Lean Hogs are looking great, too.

Scotty said...

There is a public discussion forum about Pickens Energy Plan Called :
Cheers !

SugarHigh said...

Just two of them left - got stopped out of the October earlier in the week, and very close to getting stopped out of the other two.

Hope not, but it happens. Still like this trade medium term, and agree with you on lean hogs.

ankur said...

I have doubt about pickens energy plan.

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