Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Jim Rogers: If gold goes down some more, I'll buy some more

Full article, with commentary on Jim Rogers' current takes.
  • If base metals continue to consolidate, he plans to buy more
  • Rice prices must go much higher to cause supply to rise
  • He expects the dollar rally to continue, because everyone is bearish (including him)
  • He holds the currencies of commodity producing countries, such as Canada, Australia, and New Zealand
  • He's still short US investment banks


JustinC said...

I have a 'hunch' he could be right and the dollar will go on to strengthen from here - with pullbacks of course. The reason I think this is core inflation in the US will eventually increase, and the credit markets will eventually loosen. Either because of these reasons or something else completely the Fed will raise rates. I think Euroland and the UK are behind the US in the business cycle (especially clear with the housing markets) and interest rate cycle and will be lowering rates later this year.

His mentioning base metals got me thinking about the troubles in China. As heartless as it sounds they've got the money to rebuild in the earthquake zone. I lived in China 06/07 and can testify they've got the resolve.

Anonymous said...


Websites with rice in mind...

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