Wednesday, May 07, 2008

DailyWealth: Hog and Cattle Prices Must Rise

A story we're continuing to follow very closely here - high grain prices should increase meat prices.


JustinC said...

Lean hogs look to my (un-trained) eye as though they may have hit the bottom. I'm not so sure about cattle though, I vaguely remember hearing that farmers in drought hit areas can raise cattle but not crops.

I've been in and out of natural gas recently and was waiting for a decent pullback to get in again. You're right you need to be in possession of a big set of Town Halls to get into energy right now.

Have you given up on cotton? I think it's oversold at this point.

SugarHigh said...

I've given up on cotton for the time being - agree with you, looks beaten down. I'd love to buy back in, but I don't see a definitive uptrend yet.

Medium-term the fundamentals are great - or should be - and I've gotta think we have a big spike not too far around the corner.

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