Sunday, February 03, 2008

Super Bowl Spread

Real quick, as I am on my way out to start drinking beer...and I'm not sure anyone who reads this blog would be the gambling type. Yeah right - ha!

Last I saw, it was Pats -12. The line opened a couple of weeks back a point or two higher. From what I've been reading, this spread is still a point or two too high - even folks in Vegas have admitted it.

People are still terrified to bet against the Pats since they opened the season covering every week - over the last half of the season though, including the playoffs, they have not covered once. Remember, never bet on a trend to end. Take the Giants with the points today.

Full disclosure: I am a long suffering Bills fan with an ingrained hatred of the Pats. Needless to say, I will be taking the Giants plus the points.


pharmer said...

Sorry, probably the wrong place to post on this topic, but just wanted to get something out here. I've been LARGELY intrigued by the story you posted on the lumber prices falling out and have been doing tons of research on the issue. The more I read the more it seems I don't know. When are you looking at an entry point into lumber and what is your time frame? By the way, I'm also taking notice of a nice pullback in sugar right now... I'm thinking back over 13 very soon.

SugarHigh said...

Good question - that's definitely the tricky part. I'm planning to rely on the chart for this one, and will buy in on a 20-day breakout.

Early for me to call, but what do you technical folks think...
Did we see a bottom last week?

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