Thursday, December 09, 2010

Jim Puplava Interviews Gold Expert Eric Sprott and Neil Howe, Author of The Fourth Turning

Jim Puplava recently sat down with Eric Sprott, one of Canada's top fund managers, to talk about the global economy and gold, at Casey Research's recent investment conference.  Here's a link to the interview below...


Looking at the out-of-control printing of fiat money and the irresponsibility of central banks and treasuries, Eric Sprott tells Jim Puplava of Financial Sense Newshour, it is obvious to smart investors that gold is the asset to own. Listen to Eric, one of Canada’s most highly regarded asset managers, explain the dire straits the global economy is in and how to protect yourself.

The crisis we’re in today has been absolutely foreseeable, says Neil Howe, co-author of the famous book The Fourth Turning, in the second half of this interview. These recurring “turnings” are driven, he states, by generational aging and are a manifestation of the prevailing social mood. Hear his predictions about what’s yet to come and how long the current “fourth turning” will last.

You can listen to both interviews here.

Eric and Neil are just two of dozens of experts who presented their views, insights, and top stock picks at Casey’s Gold & Resource Summit in October. You can hear all their invaluable advice in 17 hours of audio on CD… details here.

Ed. Note: I am a Casey Research affiliate and subscriber.

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