Wednesday, January 20, 2010

We're Officially Screwed - Doing Stories on End of Financial Crisis

Speaking of contrarian investment indicators, they don't get much better than this. posted a listing in a prominent public relations newsletter today:

Summary: Buying stocks again?
Name: Chris Taylor (
Category: Business and Finance
Media Outlet:
Deadline: 07:00 PM EST - 20 January
Query: Looking for investors who are shifting some of their cash holdings back into stocks and bonds, now that the financial crisis has ebbed.

That last line says it all. Get ready for the next shoe to drop, baby!


peter2o10 said...

Very interesting market action. You know, in George Soros' book, the Alchemy of finance, states that inflection points are extremely difficult to predict.

But he also talks about trend followers and he says that before a trend change there will be a lot of market volatility because of the trend followers becoming disoriented they would have trained themselves to buy stock regardless.

Interesting thing you said about the inflation in the UK, Soros also writes in his book that he only wants the macro story and all those little deatails on the periphery cloud his judgement.

Brett Owens said...

That's a great insight re: the details - I've found that to be a hindrance personally to. The more I get into details, the more distracted I can get. Much easier to back up and focus big picture...real big picture.

Though I guess big picture has never been more hazy than it seems today. But I think we need to stick with the deflationary, "all the same" markets scenario, until proven otherwise.

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