Thursday, September 17, 2009

Jurgens Bauer on Sugar's Outlook

One of my favorite commodity analysts to track is Jurgens Bauer, especially for his thoughts on the softs. I used to frequently post links to his columns when, I think, he wrote for, or was at least syndicated through them.

He's since moved on, and I was happy to see his name popup as the featured interview over at Hard Assets Investor. It's an 8-minute interview - one that's well worth watching if your keen on commodities, particularly if you're following sugar and cotton.

Jurgens is a throwback - he just LOOKS like a guy who grew up in the trading pits - that just adds to his aura. He did allow that sugar could go to $0.30...or even $0.40...since we are in a supply deficit. He views key upper resistance as $0.23 or so (which we've seen).

Sugar me sweet! Does sugar have another push up?

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