Monday, June 29, 2009 Transparency a "Significant Failure" Says Watchdog Group, the resource setup by the Obama administration to provide full transparency of the squandering and misallocation of tax dollars, is reported to actually be more translucent than transparent.

Watchdog organization Sunlight Foundation, described as "normally polite" by ReadWriteWeb, referred to's data transparency as a "significant failure." And not just once!

Sunlight co-founder Ellen Miller writes:

"By not including raw data at, transparency is dramatically reduced. Sunlight has argued strongly for raw data in machine readable formats as the starting point for This is a significant failure by the Administration to live up to its promise for full and complete disclosure. Significant failure."

I'm sure you are flabergasted, dear reader, at this rare government shortcoming.

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The Political and Financial Markets Commentator said...

Excellent article and very true. I wrote a similar one on transparency last week. It includes a clip from a press conference in which Obama's press secretary is grilled on the fact that his "town hall" meetings are nothing but staged events.

Keep fighting the good fight.


Brett Owens said...

Thanks Mike...fantastic clip!

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