Monday, April 27, 2009

Ayn Rand Spinning In Her Grave; Book Sales Skyrocket

Ayn Rand, were she with us today, likely would not be a fan of the increasing creep of socialism through society at large.  

Though maybe she wouldn't completely mind, as her book sales have taken off through the roof, and that must have Rand, a capitalist's capitalist, smiling from ear to ear.

CNN reports that 2009 sales of Atlas Shrugged, Rand's most famous novel, have already topped sales for the entire 2008 year.  I can imagine that anyone with a libertarian bone in their body, who has not yet read Rand's classic work, is scrambling to see what eventually becomes of the socialist scoundrels and libertarian heros in Rand's classic.  

If you haven't yet read Atlas Shrugged - you should.  Rand does a masterful job of painting a vivid picture of why capitalism works, why regulation weights it down, and what happens when the regulators begin to outweigh the productive folks.  And in today's environment, where you can't turn on the news without seeing some political schmuck who could pass for one of Rand's antiheroes, this type of perspective is invaluable.

The novel is quite lengthy at about 1,100 pages, and I did find myself wanting the pace to pick up at times, but I tell anyone who asks me if they should read it...yes, it really is a must read for anyone who believes in hard work, entrepreneurship, and freedom.

So I leave you with one question...

Who is John Galt?

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