Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Money Morning: Avoid Coffee & Cocoa, Buy Sugar

Nice simple breakdown of 3 of our favorite softs - coffee, cocoa, and sugar - by the folks at Money Morning.

I did not realize the coffee harvest is looking so good - suppose that's why coffee cannot break out of it's range. Same with cocoa - I have been avoiding due to the sharp recent drops - it looks like cocoa has no business at these prices.

We'll continue to keep a close eye on sugar prices - keep waiting for the next big sugar rally!


S'wheat Times said...

Hope you followed your post headline about buying sugar....what a day. With basically the whole commodities market showing strong gains today its quite frustrating to watch the cattle and hogs....where is the love? Corn is up over 4% but only small gains in cattle and losses in hogs. What are they using to feed these animals?

SugarHigh said...

I feel like one of my Feeder Cattle just walked into my house and dropped a giant cattle turd on my table for breakfast.

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