Sunday, June 10, 2012

Why Jim Rogers Believes the US Economic Situation is Very, Very Dire

Jim Rogers sat down with Newsmax for a short interview, in which he expressed his belief that the US economic situation is "very, very dire."

Kudos to Rogers for saying what few today seem to understand - that cutting spending and taxes would be good for the economy.  The State itself is not a generator of wealth - it is a net negative.


Source: Newsmax, Hat Tip: Daily Crux


Rakesh said...

I think you are right, but from the new year starting, many jobs already created by Government & various other companies to boost the economy. Even Government is taking good steps to remove the recession from the market. Trading market is also improving & peoples are investing money in Forex & commodity market. The demand of gold & silver has already decreased, hence, the prices of these metals has also decreased. Lets see the updates after the completion of Financial year.

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