Friday, January 28, 2011

Jim Rogers' Favorite Ag Pick for 2011

Jim Rogers, a fervent agricultural bull since he launched the Rogers International Commodity Index in 1998, recently cited rice as his favorite grain.

He told MoneyNews:
"If rice goes down, I will buy more rice. Rice has a great future for the next few years."
When Jim casually name-drops a commodity—especially a grain—it's usually advisable to take a closer look at it. So let's dig into the investment-worthiness of rice and see if we should order up a side dish for ourselves.

Lower Acreage, Lower Supply

A recent Wall Street Journal article reported farmers are reducing acreage for rice by as much as 30 percent in favor of higher-priced cotton and soybeans...

Please read the rest of my supply/demand Rough Rice analysis at Hard Assets Investor

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Tad said...

I totally agree with Jim Rogers. The commodities are the investment of this decade. How do you invest in RICE. Instead of basket of soft commodities, how do you invest in RICE only. I do not play options, I am a long term investor.
Thank you,

d said...


Maybe we should talk, but this is one of the many items I address in my Futures Trading courses. I'm temporarily offering some free sample courses, but let me know what you'd like to discuss. I've been in the commodities market for over 10 years and enjoy open discussion.

Mike Egan
Futures Trading

Stephan said...

Stephan: I would like to get more into futures trading but know nothing about it. Can you possibly send me some samples of the futures trading courses please?

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