Saturday, May 22, 2010

Latest Stock Market Outlook from Jim Rogers, Marc Faber, Richard Russell & More!

With the markets looking as turbulent as they've been in the past 15+ months, the financial gurus are out in full force. We've got links below to the latest commentary from our favorites - Jim Rogers, Marc Faber, Richard Russell, Bob Prechter, and more.

Also below are links to important investment trends that you should be keeping an eye on!

Richard Russell: Expect Downside Action in Stocks
If the May 7 lows are violated, look out below!

Why We Shorted the S&P 500 This Week
An update on our latest trade

Robert Prechter: These Technical Indicators Have Me Worried
These 8 "rarely" line up on the same side of the trade

Marc Faber's Outlook on China
There's a crash coming!

David Rosenberg's Latest on the Money Supply
What inflation? Wake me up in a few years.

Excellent Economic Outlook Analysis for US
David Galland Separates Economic Fact From Fiction

Gold Vending Machines in Abu Dhabi
More signs of a top!

Deflation is Alive and Well
So says the US dollar

The Outlook for Crude Oil
What do the technical indicators reveal?

Jim Rogers' Latest Thoughts on Euro and European Bailouts
Why he'd look at silver right now, too

Latest CPI Numbers
Still no inflation to be seen

Germany to Ban Naked Short Selling
Revealing charts on how that worked out for US, Australia

Marc Faber's 3 Favorite Commodity Picks
These picks may be tracing out a "historic low"

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